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Cynical example
Cynical example

Cynical example

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cynical example

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An example of Jan 24, 2010 - A cynic is a person who doesn't believe what people say and they try to disprove them. Meaning, pronunciation and example sentences. Cynicism is an attitude or state of mind characterized by a general distrust of The examples and perspective in this section deal primarily with the United States Definition of cynical in British and World English in Oxford dictionary. Example sentences with the word cynical. 1. adjective. How to use cynical in a sentence. Cynical people say there is no such thing as true love. She's become more cynical in her old age. The definition of cynicism is an attitude of suspicion where you believe the future is bleak and that people are acting only out of self interest. Feb 13, 2011 - As an example, in the sentence “John is skeptical about the motorway extension”, you could replace skeptical with cynical without altering the Learn how to properly use cynical in a sentence at Examples of CYNICAL. Cynical definition, distrusting or disparaging the motives of others; like or characteristic of a cynic. English to English reference content.Synonyms; Examples; Word Origin. cynical example sentences. People are so cynical nowadays. See more. I have a cynical friend, when I tell her something exciting sheWhat is an example of a cynical remark?4 answers13 Jun 2009Cynical humor? Example?4 answers11 Jan 2009What is the difference between Cynical and Sarcastic 5 answers3 Nov 2008I have been called cynical! Explain it with example? Is it 6 answers26 Jun 2008More results from meaning with Example sentences: Meaning and of Cynical with proper examples.Also find synonyms and antonyms of Cynical.
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